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A slime draws near! Command?

Tried my hand last night and this morning at creating a vector-based cartoon character. The result? A slime from Dragon Warrior.

A slime draws near! Command?

WordPress does not, apparently, consider SVG to be a suitable “Media” format. Get with the program, WP.

For a first attempt at vector graphics, I think I did pretty well. Learning to create in an entirely new format from what I’ve done in the past was a nice challenge. I definitely learned quite a bit about how SVGs work, in terms of paths and nodes and objects. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a logo next, maybe with some cool text effects.

For anybody who’s curious, the application I’m using is called Inkscape. It’s a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and it seems to duplicate at least most of the basic functionality. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in creating vector graphics but don’t have the capital to invest in pro-grade software (oh hai, college student).

I guess the next step is to get the real website up and running so I have a real place to show off my mad skillz and elite army of slimes.

Ooh, maybe a Metal Slime next?